Top MVP tips covering–Windows Universal Apps, Hyper-V, Dynamics CRM 2013, Windows Phone 8.1

1. A Show-All-Or-Nothing Behavior for Windows Universal Apps

          By Client Development MVP Diederik Krols

2. Hyper-V Amigos Podcast

          By MVPs Carsten Rachfahl, Didier Van Hoye, Hans Vredevoort and Aidan Finn

3. Use Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013

          By Dynamics CRM MVP Adam Vero

4. Creating Dialogue Windows in Dynamics CRM 2013

          By Dynamics CRM MVP Andrii Butenko

5. Windows Phone 8.1 Update Task

          By Client Development MVP Olivier Matis

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  1. Kamaldeep says:

    I'm not an MVP but I have a windows phone help site that WP users will find useful

    PS: I won't mind becoming an MVP.

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