Microsoft System Center Advisor (preview)—Log Management, Capacity Planning, Update Assessment, Malware Status

For IT executives and your teams, this is worth going to Advisor Limited Public Preview’ service:

  • Collect, combine, correlate and visualize all your machine data. Separate the signal from the noise with simple, powerful log management tools. Collect and search across multiple machine data sources from multiple systems in a single big data store to easily identify the root cause of operational issues.
  • Manage your data center capacity. Get deep visibility into your data center capacity, pinpoint capacity shortages, investigate “what-if” scenarios, identify stale and over-allocated VMs, and plan your future compute and storage needs for your infrastructure.
  • Ensure your servers are up to date. Identify missing system updates across all of your servers whether they are running in your data center or in a public cloud. Now you can know which of your servers have the latest updates, and which need them.
  • Know your malware situation. Pinpoint servers that are infected by malware or are at an increased risk for infection. With simple out-of-the-box dashboards you can quickly assess which servers need your immediate attention.
  • Review configuration changes and assess their impact. Detect potential configuration issues or deviations from identified best practices. Proactively avoid problems with an ongoing assessment of your configuration.


There are additional resources to learn more about the service .


Advisor Preview 2min Overview Video:

Advisor Preview Onboarding Steps Video:

Advisor Preview TechEd announcement Video:


Advisor Preview Onboarding Documentation:

Advisor Preview Troubleshooting blog:

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