December 14 – Free Toronto Workshop for Developers: **Building Apps for Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2013 using Web Technologies**

Workshop Description

What if you could build Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2013 productivity solutions using standard web technologies and distribute them worldwide from the Office Store on Well, you can!

The all new cloud app extensibility model for Office and SharePoint 2013 enables building a whole new class of productivity solutions for Office and SharePoint. And the new Office Store on provides the venue for these apps to be delivered to millions of Office and Office 365 SharePoint Online users worldwide.

In this workshop developers will learn the concepts of the new app model and how to use it for building apps for Office and SharePoint. Topics for building apps for SharePoint range from how to read/write to SharePoint as a service using its rich APIs whether the JavaScript/managed code object model or via REST/oData, how events that happen on SharePoint can drive actions in your app, to using SharePoint search via the APIs. Topics for apps for Office include how to build task pane, content and mail apps that render in the Office client applications, use the JavaScript object model to interact with documents and mail items, and how to deploy apps for Office as standalone solutions or part of an app for SharePoint. Other topics will cover how to think about elasticity, scalability and reliability of your backend services and the steps for getting your app into the Office Store.



· Bring your own developer environment on your laptop or have access to this environment for website development/ deployment.

· Visual Studio 2012 Pro or above and the Office Developer Tools (Note: You can download VS 2012 Pro as a free trial, see link below. For those that don’t typically use VS, there are some parts of the workshop that rely on VS since tooling for some of the packaging is not yet available for other platforms. If your laptop OS does not support a Visual Studio 2012 install, we’ll have a workaround at the event).

§ See the Tools section here.

· Sign up for the free Office 365 Developer Site preview here.

· Install Office 2013 desktop clients from your developer site.

· Have your own hosted web server for deploying your web site.

§ If you don’t have one, sign up for a Windows Azure free trial here and learn about Windows Azure Web Sites.


· Visit and read up on apps for Office and SharePoint.


· Building apps for Office

· Building apps for SharePoint (Office 365 SharePoint Online)

· Web technologies used to build with the cloud app model

· And more….

Note: A more detailed agenda will be provided day of.


This event is free of charge but you must be registered to attend. Attendees are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation. Meals will be provided.

How to Register 

To sign up for a workshop, please click here and register for a specific event.

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