On the Next AlignIT Manager Tech Talk: The Complete Cloud Picture–Stories from the Trenches

Stories from the trenches

As children we are enthralled by the stories that we hear. Stories teach us and fire our imaginations to what is possible in this world. And as adults, we’re not much different. It’s one thing to hear about a process, product or idea, but hearing the story of the trials and triumphs that accompanied the implementation of that process, product or idea is what sticks with us and gives our imagination flight as to the possibilities within our own situation.

Case studies are like stories and there are a whole host of them that Microsoft has put together on a variety of technologies and solutions. There are 79 just on private cloud implementations and a number on Windows Azure have been highlighted on the Windows Azure site. However, there is nothing quite like hearing the story right from the author, or in this case, right from one of the people in the story.

In July we hosted Mary Jo Foley on the show and talked about Microsoft’s cloud offerings from an industry perspective. For our next show, we thought it would be interesting to talk to a few folks who have actually been working on cloud solutions using Microsoft technologies either internally or for their customers.

Join Jonathan Rozenblit and I on the next AlignIT Manager Tech Talk as we chat with people involved in public and private cloud implementations for their companies and for their clients and get them to tell their stories of the barriers they had to overcome and the successes they enjoyed.

September 13, 2012 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET 
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Jonathan and RuthThe AlignIT Manager Talk is a monthly live streamed video series hosted by Ruth Morton (LinkedIn) and Jonathan Rozenblit (LinkedIn). Each Tech Talk episode airs on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 12:00pm to 12:30pm EST. The show focuses on a range of topics for both infrastructure and development managers and is interactive, taking questions via a live chat and providing answers on air.

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