Journal: ISACA World Congress INSIGHTS 2012 June 25-27 San Francisco

Journal: ISACA World Congress INSIGHTS 2012 June 25-27 San Francisco

ISACA is the world’s premier and largest organization in IT governance, IT alignment, audit, risk management, security and professional certifications with over 100,000 members (and growing) in more than 160 countries. I was an invited speaker on two topics: CIO/CTO Insights; Board/Governance Insights. ISACA membership represents senior executives and managers from: government, industry, and academia.


- The World Congress went very well with active discussions with ISACA executives and World Congress delegates from many countries. For example, I had a good discussion with a CIO of a university in Eastern Canada. Japan was very well represented as another example and I talked with many of their executives (the largest corporations in the world in banking, insurance, …). I see as outcomes, stronger collaboration and/or support for Canadian and global initiatives involving business, industry, governments, academia, media, the profession, and society. I have follow-up discussions with their managers and chief officers on many topic areas. I will share insights and best practices with the communities I’m involved with and here in IT Manager Connection. There will be upcoming interviews from the World Congress such as with Gregory Grocholski ISACA International President and Howard “Bud” Friedman one of the early ISACA Leaders.

- The feedback from my two speaking sessions was excellent with good relationships formed and many new opportunities.

Added Background:

Arriving June 24th to a VIP reception then Welcome reception, speaking/participating, and leaving June 28th; the ISACA World Congress (IWC) is “THE” annual event I would highly recommend attending in the future. The ISACA World Congress (IWC) is definitely the most productive global conference, focused on interactive panel sessions and networking events—PowerPoint free zone (a first for me). Delegates were management and senior executives from business, government and academia with the Fortune 500 heavily represented—the largest concentration of executives in recent memory.

Invited as an industry chairman, my two speaking sessions were: Insights from Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers; Governance Board Insights. There is more about the sessions and topics discussed pulled from the ISACA web site that I’m providing below. I will be writing blogs on these topics and there are also upcoming interviews. The topics also aligned well with my speaking at the ITU/UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva in May and the V Astana Economic Forum / Connect 2012 Forum (where I was an opening keynote), also in May.

My take on hot technology topics included: cybersecurity, BYOD (or was mentioned “I’m bringing my own device”) / Consumerization of IT, big data, innovation drivers, gamification, COBIT 5 / governance / alignment, IT value to business, risk management. The Cloud and Mobile is so entrenched into plans that it is a given and didn’t attract the same level of discussion—it is just assumed everyone is doing it. Embedded in my sessions were recommendations on: emerging technologies, innovation models, role of CIOs/CTOs/Boards, aligning IT with business, enterprise architecture / business architecture and frameworks (COBIT 5, IT-CMF), social responsibility, workforce requirements. An interesting data item was that 90% of the companies are compromised by having their internal data accessed by someone who shouldn’t have this right.

I have extensive ongoing engagements with delegates and fellow speakers including upcoming interviews appearing here in IT Manager Connection—the largest management blog. Some of delegates, who I am talking with, are listed below (taken from the program guide).




Insights from Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers

CIO/CTOs share their candid insights on:

· Emerging technologies: What does their crystal ball say?

· New role: CIO vs CTO

· Role of technology in revenue growth

· Impact of business driving the technology decisions

· Technology expectations from your customer’s point of view

· Are you becoming the chief innovation officer?

· Preparing the work force for change

John Bumgarner


CTO, U.S. Cyber Consequences UnitJohn Bumgarner is a celebrated “über-hacker” with 18 years of service in Special Operations and intelligence. His private sector certifications include CISSP, GIAC (Gold), and duel Masters degrees in Information Systems Management and Security Management.

Robert Clyde, CISM


CEO, Adaptive Computer

A recognized industry leader, Clyde has more than 25 years experience as an enterprise software executive with demonstrated leadership success at startup companies to large companies, including Symantec and Axent Technologies. An Internet security pioneer and innovator, he is credited with the creation of the first commercial intrusion detection system and led the business unit that developed and brought to market the first security compliance product. As chief technology officer at Symantec, Clyde defined Symantec’s technology strategy and was a key part of the management team that drove the company to grow from slightly under $1B in revenue to over $5B in five years. He also serves as a member of the board of directors for Telligent and PasswordBank.

Stephen Ibaraki


Advisor to Global Board, Global IT Community Association (GITCA)

Ibaraki has earned more than 50 national and international awards, roles and recognitions. A sampling of his elections include: founding CIPS Fellow; founding NPA Distinguished Fellow; founding first Global GITCA Fellow; Canadian IT Hall of Fame; Global Hall of Fame. Ibaraki has achieved multiple lifetime achievement awards, multiple leadership and technology awards from industry, business, government, media, academia and education plus he serves internationally with more than 30 concurrent senior roles.

Moderator: Glenn O’Donnell


Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

At Forrester, O’Donnell leverages his 31 years of IT experience to serve IT Infrastructure and Operations professionals. He is widely regarded as a top thought-leader in automation, service management, IT operations, and the broader social implications of technology evolution. He coauthored The CMDB Imperative, the popular book on best practices for designing, managing and leveraging configuration management information

Governance/Board Insights

Governance experts share their insights on:

· Changing organizational culture to understand that business reforms are owned by business leaders

· How to achieve alignment between the business and IT

· Board members and executives being up to the job when it comes to managing business and IT investments

· Cost benefit analysis and benefits realization

· Innovation's impact on an organization's future success

Stephen Ibaraki


Advisor to Global Board, Global IT Community Association (GITCA)

Stephen Ibaraki holds more than 50 national and international awards, roles and recognitions. A sampling of Ibaraki's elections include: founding CIPS Fellow; founding NPA Distinguished Fellow; founding first Global GITCA Fellow; Canadian IT Hall of Fame; Global Hall of Fame.

Ibaraki has achieved multiple lifetime achievement awards, multiple leadership and technology awards from industry, business, government, media, academia and education plus Ibaraki serves internationally with more than 30 concurrent senior roles.

James Golden, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC


Associate Partner IT Governance and Cyber Security, IBM

Golden is a results-oriented executive with knowledge and experience in the management and governance of information and information technology in very large enterprises. He has a proven track record in IT governance, risk management and information security, and has served on multiple advisory committees and professional boards in theses disciplines. He has also very successfully run several very large multi-million-dollar programs that have achieved or exceeded corporate/business objectives by focusing on organization and planning, resources management, behavioral change management, transparency, and accountability with all programs on time, of high quality, and under budget.

Peter R. Gleason

Managing Director & CIO, National Association of Corporate Directors

Gleason is managing director for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), devoted exclusively to serving the information and educational needs of corporate directors. He is a member of NACD’s national faculty and a frequent presenter on governance topics. He currently hosts NACD BoardVision, appearing on CNBC’s SquawkBox and PowerLunch, Reuters TV and NPR’s Marketplace, and is regularly quoted in the national media. He oversees all of NACD’s Blue Ribbon Commission Reports, and has served as a Commissioner on each report issued over the past 11 years, including the most recent releases on Lead Director, Performance Metrics, Audit Committees, and Risk Governance. Gleason is currently a member of the Business Advisory Board of Nura Life Sciences, LLC, a privately-held, development-stage health care company and is a past director of The Patriot Fund. He was also a member of the Executive Advisory Panel for the Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG).

Before joining NACD, Gleason was a management consultant with both Ernst & Young and with Pritchett & Associates. In addition, Gleason spent eight years in the research department at Institutional Shareholder Services including service as vice president and director of US Research.

Moderator: Tony Hayes, CGEIT


Associate Director General of the Department of Communities, Queensland Government

Tony Hayes is international vice president of ISACA and associate director-general, Department of Communities, Queensland. He has extensive experience across the Queensland public sector in a variety of senior executive positions in line and central agencies. He has worked on various government projects, change management initiatives and task forces, and in line management positions in many departments in the Queensland Government. Recently, he has worked in Queensland Health, the former Service Delivery and Performance Commission, the Public Service Commission and now the Department of Communities.

Hayes has specialist experience and skills in strategic management and planning, organizational review and business process improvement, information and business strategy development, change management, and project management.

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    There was a lot of interest in innovation and I pointed to Startup Genome / Startup Compass / Investor Compass as good examples to look at. Startup Genome also has a series of free reports and a new customer development service. I plan to write a blog about innovation based upon the advice I gave in the two speaking sessions.  

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