April 12 Webinar: "Security: Computing in an Adversarial Environment"

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Security is inherently different from other aspects of computing due to the presence of an adversary. As a result, identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities requires a different mindset from traditional engineering. Proper security engineering—or the lack of it!—affects everything from website scripts to supply chain management to electronic health records to social networks to mobile phones…and the list goes on. Security is further complicated by the translation of social notions—such as identity and trust—into an online world. Worse, security itself is often viewed by both developers and users as the adversary! This learning webinar will introduce the fundamentals of security, describe the security mindset, and highlight why achieving security is difficult.

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The ACM is the world’s largest educational, scientific and professional association well known for their Turing Awards (the Nobel Prize of Computing) and their special interest groups.

Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Attend:

· Software Developers/Engineers/Architects

· IT and Corporate Managers

· Other IT professionals, students, and educators interested in Cybersecurity

What You'll Learn:

· The security mindset—what it is, why it's needed

· The social side of security—usability, adoption, identity, trust

· A deeper dive on insider threat as a case study—what it is, how to detect it, how to prevent it

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