Psst…wanna know some product vision and roadmap secrets?


It often helps when planning to have a roadmap and when planning your IT infrastructure it helps to know the Microsoft product roadmap. If you want to know what our vision and roadmap is over the next while, then block off the morning of February 22 in your calendar and register using the links below. Please note that you will need to sign an non-disclosure agreement before attending or you won’t be allowed to sit in. We’d like to share some of our secrets with you!

The morning will start with a keynote of the all-up Microsoft vision and a showcase of some of the coolest Windows devices available. Then we’ll split into separate tracks:


REGISTER NOW for the Infrastructure Manager Track | REGISTER NOW for the Software Architect/Development Manager Track

There’s also a 3rd track, for the technical decision maker in your company. This would usually be a Senior VP or Executive. Pass along this registration link for the Technical Decision Maker Track.

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi Ruth,

    verry interesting. Is this event on premise or online?



  2. Ruth Morton says:

    Hi Carsten

    This event is only available on premise in Mississauga due to the nature of the content. We are making arrangements to record the non-NDA parts to make available later online.

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