Future of Computing

This came to my attention today from Yan Timanovsky, Education Manager at the ACM.

Here’s a very interesting piece from the New York Times that worth looking at. 

Plus soaring registrations in the Webinar, “The Cloud in Your Hands – Marriage of Cloud Computing with Smart Devices

Comments (2)

  1. Ruth Morton says:

    What treasure trove of information for anyone interested in where technology is heading! A few of the articles surprised me – particularly about the advances being made in Africa. My favourite is the article on how technology is changing education because I really think it's about time.

  2. Stephen.Ibaraki says:

    Ruth very thoughtful comments — thank you!

    Ruth the revelations you talk about I am also seeing with the World CIO Forum and Global Industry Council as they are providing input to the WORLD IT FORUM and WORLD COMPUTER CONGRESS in 2012.

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