Delivering High Quality Software Through Agile

Earlier this year, Christian Beauclair, John Bristowe, and I hosted in-person development manager-focused discussions where we talked about how you, as a development manager, can minimize time, cost, and risk in your development projects. In a business world of increasing focus on compliance and control, Development and QA Managers must balance the need for agility against the reality of quality control. High quality software is the outcome of applying the combination of sound methodologies, best practices and supportive tooling. In this second (of two) videos of the discussion, John Bristowe outlines how to deliver high quality software through Agile and demonstrates how to apply its practices to projects.

Additional Resources

Below are resources that I recommend when I talk to development managers about Agile and application lifecycle management (ALM):

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Looking to implement Agile in your organization? Have any questions for those who have already made the plunge into Agile? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and/or Facebook and ask any questions you might have. I’ll make sure to get you answers. If you’ve already implemented Agile in your organization, think back to how you did it - how did you go about implementing a formal methodology? What were some of the positive and some of the not-so-positive lessons that you learned during the transition? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

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