Managing Complexity with Process, People, and Tools

Earlier this year, Christian Beauclair, John Bristowe, and I hosted in-person development manager-focused discussions where we talked about how you, as a development manager, can minimize time, cost, and risk in your development projects. We talked about how development teams are constantly challenged to deliver highly secure, quality software in an environment of growing business demand and quick time-to-market and are therefore looking to holistic software development approaches and best practices to help create an efficient and effective development process.

Below is the first (of two) videos of that discussion. This one concentrates on the “Process, People, and Tools” concept and explores how the Microsoft platform can help you and your team conquer these development challenges.

Additional Resources

Below are resources that I recommend when I talk to development managers about process, people, tools, and application lifecycle management (ALM):

Join the Conversation

As I have similar discussions with development managers throughout the country, it becomes quite evident that managing complexity with process, people, and tools means many different things to different people. If you’ve implemented a formal methodology in your organization, think back to how you did it - how did you put process, people, and tools together to manage your development projects? What were some of the positive and some of the not-so-positive lessons that you learned during the transition? Share your thoughts on LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

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