Introducing the Monthly AlignIT Manager Tech Talk Series

I had anticipated that the past few weeks would be pretty low-key given that most of my colleagues are on vacation, but I’ve found the opposite true as we ramp up for our newest project under the AlignIT banner: a monthly live streamed video series, hosted by myself and my colleague Jonathan Rozenblit, called Manager Tech Talks.

Each Tech Talk episode will take place on the 2nd Thursday of the month from noon to 12:30pm ET, with a special episode scheduled to be broadcast from TechDays in Vancouver. We’ll be taking on a range of topics for both infrastructure and development managers – sometimes the topic will be applicable more for one or the other, but we’ll aim for a balance with me coming at it from the infrastructure angle and Jonathan looking at things from the development perspective.

Our first guest is Brian Bourne, president of CMS Consulting in Toronto and the founder of Black Arts Illuminated, the organization that runs SecTor, Canada’s premier IT Security Education Conference. He says he doesn’t mind being our Episode 1 guinea pig and I know from working with him in the past that the discussion should be lively and interesting. Best of all is that you'll get to join in through the chat window which we’ll be monitoring and responding to on camera.

So as I work double-time to get out all the technical and logistical kinks, I hope you’ll register and join us for Episode 1, Security in the Age of Social Media, on Thursday, August 11 at noon ET.


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