Visiting Montreal for AlignIT, Smoked Meat, and More

I landed in Montreal a few hours ago for what I hope will be a very exciting week.  I love the city, not only because it is the place that hosts the Canadian Grand Prix every June (and since the F1 season kicked off in Australia this past weekend, I am looking forward to the F1 circus landing in Montreal in June), but also because the people here are friendly and a lot of fun, and the food is among the best in Canada – and I especially love Montreal Smoked Meat! 

AlignIT2011The main reason I am here is that Ruth Morton and I will be delivering the AlignIT Tour for IT Managers on Wednesday, March 30th at the Loews Hotel Vogue.  There, we will be three great sessions on how to take your IT infrastructure to the next level by integrating cloud computing technologies.  My role is to show you some of the great things that we are doing to help organizations move to the cloud, whether it be within their datacenters by harnessing private cloud technologies, or in the public cloud or a mixture of both. 

For me this is an exciting conversation and I get to show you how to take advantage of the skills IT pros and developers in your organizations already have to manage multi-vendor hypervisor-based virtualization infrastructures, reduce the burden on IT while creating additional benefits to the organizations through private cloud technologies, leverage public cloud capabilities to enhance existing and create new business opportunities, as well as provide your users with a better productivity experience no matter where or how they work while helping ensure their computers comply with corporate standards.  Along the way we will look at some of the product offerings available to you including System Center, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, Office365 and more. 

If you have not yet registered for the AlignIT Tour in Montreal, there are still some seats left. If you are an IT manager, strategic infrastructure consultant, or an individual who plans out the IT strategy of your organization, you should be there – register today!

BTW, Ruth and I will be in Montreal all week so if you want to grab a coffee and chat about AlignIT, the technologies we will be talking about, or just want to get together and share your thoughts, drop me a line at


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