IT Professionals Wanted, But Hard to Find

As I was going through my newsletter weekly review, I found this article on hiring challenges that I thought worthwhile to share.  While I haven’t had a challenge finding these individuals given my current role… I’ve heard in my conversations across the country that this is a big issue.  imageMany CIO’s and Sr IT Managers have shared with me that it’s not hard finding people with good technical skills, it is hard to find those that you can put in front of customers or your business partners.  As well the area that everyone seems to highlight as a gap is in the application of IT for a business solution.  Finding someone that can put the pieces together and outline the impact as well as the benefits to reduce costs, and grow revenue and retain customers is a challenge.

Have a look at the article and I would love to hear your stories on any hiring challenges you are seeing. 



As well, I ‘ve had many requests for any IT labour market intelligence and I’ve included a link to ICTC’s labour force survey.   While it’s not broken down in an ease of use manner, it does give you a look at what’s happening in Canada.  Surprising to see that the IT unemployment rate is still so low and there is a common misconception that IT Jobs are few.




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