Microsoft Redmond and Canada, John Oxley, Graham Watson, fighting for your career, works with IP3 to deliver new super-heroes to ensure your future

IP3 cares about IT Professionals, supporting: growing skills, managing change, making needed connections. Part of a UN-founded, UNESCO-sanctioned organization, IP3 not only sets the standard for a Global ICT Profession, and evangelizes on the importance of this, and for computing professionals to receive enhanced status and proper recognition but IP3 also works to ensure that what they do is globally acknowledged and relevant to you as an IT Professional. This mission took the IP3 Executive Officer to meet with specially invited Fortune 500 CIO’s in a global CIO forum. IP3 has also created the Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) – a veritable bunch of IT “Super Heroes”—to work on behalf of the needs of computing professionals. This is good news for all IT Professionals. Having senior people, all of whom would feature in any “Who’s Who of IT”, guiding and advising IP3 about the requirements for a Professional ICT workforce, means that career aspirations and skills will be aligned with industry requirements.

Two of these “founding directors” on the Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) are already known to many of you through interviews appearing here and through their work: John Oxley from Microsoft Canada and Graham Watson from Microsoft Redmond.

John Oxley and Graham Watson will be guiding the IP3-GIC as founding directors. The IP3-GIC, is the first of its kind focusing on Computing as a Profession which will further enable the computing workforce manage change, make connections, gain meaningful recognition/skills/competencies; enhance standards and standards of practice; align computing with organizational strategy and business agility driving innovation, entrepreneurship, business growth, global GDP growth, and economic development. The formation of the IP3-GIC is widely supported including by the world’s largest computing alliance, GITCA, which is expected to surpass 1000 member organizations in 2011 representing 4-6 million computing professionals and business leaders. This is the first time industry thought leaders from Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Accenture, Infosys, ChinaValue, Avanade, and Stanford have come together in this fashion for this historical inflection point.

As quoted from IP3 about the IP3-GIC and founding directors, John Oxley and Graham Watson:

“Global Industry Council Directors are specially nominated and invited to serve within the UNESCO-sanctioned body as internationally recognized luminary executives, thought leaders, and visionaries and for their strong history of providing substantive contributions to global business, industry, society, education, and governments.”

“IP3 is establishing the IP3 Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC) as the principal forum within which leading ICT employers can engage with IP3 and influence the development of the global profession, identify and agree-upon standards, and nurture continuous improvement in alignment of those standards.”

“It is the intention that IP3-GIC will be a prestigious organization comprised of recognized thought leaders from major organizations (both private and public sector) with acknowledged experience and expertise in information and communication technologies, and that an invitation and a subsequent seat will reflect the global third party validation that is only possible through a 50 year old body with UN roots.”

John Oxley and Graham Watson are also invited to the World Computing Congress IP3 panel discussion on “IT Professional Certification – what does Industry want & why” – “The Panel discussion will connect senior ICT luminaries from around the world to give their views on professional certification.”

Global GDP is nearing 60-70 Trillion USD and computing is a catalyst for the expected growth to 80 Trillion USD in the next 10 years. IP3 and the IP3-GIC is a key step in enabling the future of computing powering business, industry, governments, academia, society, and much more.

Congratulations to John and Graham for their election to the Global Industry Council!

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