Internet Explorer 8’s Browse with Confidence–Protect Your PC

With 80 percent of Canadians using the Internet (2009 Stats Can) and 96 percent of those using it from home, it’s important people know how to protect their PC, and the important content it stores – like personal files or family photos. Microsoft Canada experts recommend a mix of common sense and great software to protect your PC from malware that can potentially corrupt or damage your information.

Internet Explorer 8 believes everyone should Browse with Confidence.  Visit the site to learn about ways to help protect your PC from online threats – and help support KINSA, the Kid’s Internet Safety Alliance.

Please check out the video ( or the website ( for more information.

Stephen Ibaraki

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  1. Sofia says:

    I would just like to see IE being safer than Firefox / Chrome, after all it's not about perfect safety but whether you're safer than the next guy so you don't get attacked.



    Founder of

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