Internet Explorer 8 Browse with Confidence—Online Banking and Shopping

I wanted to share with you Microsoft’s Canada newest video for their Browse with Confidence campaign about shopping and banking online.

PayPal recently reported that while they currently have 84 million users world- wide, within the next 10 years every transaction will be made online. This isn’t surprising given that in 2009 Stats Can reported that 67% of Internet users in Canada were going online for electronic banking or bill payment. With more and more Canadians hopping online to shop and bank, there is a growing concern about how you can protect your banking information. Nowadays it is easier than ever for third parties to access personal information- if you’re not using a trusted browser. Internet Explorer 8 believes everyone should Browse with Confidence.  Upgrading to IE8 helps you stay safe by blocking almost three times more malicious content then its competitors.

Please check out the video or website for more information.


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  1. manakozo says:

    Internet Explorer is getting safer and that's really good news.

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