Internet Explorer 8 and Kinsa Help Canadians Browse with Confidence

This is an important initiative--have a look and get involved-the project raises awareness of online safety while generating funds for the Kids Internet Safety Alliance.

Microsoft Canada Inc., unveiled Browse with Confidence (, a new online destination designed to promote safe browsing. 

"Canadians are among the most connected people around the world," said Eric Gales, President, Microsoft Canada.  "We are banking, shopping, connecting and learning online. We want to make sure Canadians are also thinking about the safety of their personal information by helping them browse with confidence." focuses on educating and empowering people to better protect themselves using the advanced security features in Internet Explorer® 8. Visitors can help spread the message of online security and help keep children safe online through an integrated Facebook application.

By simply clicking "Join us," and choosing to share the Browse with confidence message with their Facebook friends, Internet Explorer 8 will make a donation to Kinsa, the Kid's Internet Safety Alliance. As a Canadian charity dedicated to protecting children online, Kinsa is a natural fit for the Browse with confidence campaign.

"No one is more committed to online safety than Microsoft," said Paul Gillespie, President and CEO of Kinsa. "Browse with confidence is another great example of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft.  Proceeds from the campaign will help Kinsa train a new group of law enforcement officers to better police the Internet and ensure the safety of children at home and abroad."

About Internet Explorer 8

A recent report from NSS Labs Inc., the world's leading independent information security research and testing organization, ranked Internet Explorer 8 as the No. 1 browser in malware protection, beating the nearest competitor by 30 per cent. Internet Explorer 8 has blocked over 560 Million malware site impressions and more than 125 million phishing attempts so far.

About Kids Internet Safety Alliance

Kinsa - the Kids' Internet Safety Alliance - works with Canadian law enforcement and other partners to deliver training for police in developing nations to help them rescue child victims of abuse whose images are shared on the Internet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Earlier I blogged about this program: Internet Explorer 8 and Kinsa Help Canadians Browse with Confidence

  2. Unknown says:

    I think it is nice you guys are doing this… proctecting kids online that is… THANKS

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