Collaboration without Compromise

AlignITtour2010_banner_300x230Social networking, emerging economies, the consumerization of IT…there’s little doubt that these trends are changing how, when and where business is conducted. And regardless of a certain recent product announcement, the mobile phone is becoming the new PC, doing much more than just voice, email and texting.

These changes are affecting how IT responds to and supports the business. Building a strategic business productivity infrastructure which can allow for better collaboration, faster access to relevant information and drives key business insights is what sets apart the IT organization that is merely reacting and putting out fires, from one that is implementing technology to drive productivity and business value. However, how do you do that without compromising on security and manageability?

Join Damir and I as we travel to 8 cities across Canada to talk about how you can enable collaboration, unified communication, content management, enterprise search and business intelligence in your organization while keeping your corporate digital assets secure and managed using Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to local partners who have already been building solutions on top of this new platform.

This free morning event is filling up fast, so register now!

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