Episode #29 – Software + Services Chat

In this episode of the IT Manager Podcast - I talk with Ryan Storgaard, Chief Software + Services Officer at Microsoft Canada. When Ryan worked on my team, he was very passionate about ISVs and Internet based services. Because of his background and current role, I thought he would be perfect to explore a trend on everyone’s mind these days that goes by a couple of different names: Cloud Computing, SaaS – Software As A Service, Services Oriented Architecture, Private Clouds – all to name a few.

Ryan and I talk about common questions Technical Professionals have been asking about the impact of Cloud Based Services will have on their roles and their companies. Believe it or not, like IT trends from the past – "cloud computing" is one of those technologies you are probably using every day already and you didn’t even know it.

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  1. abdul says:

    Thanks you for provinding this info. I’ve always been wanting to know what excatly is Cloud Computing and the direction Microsoft is going with it. The podcast has been a good source of that and the questions that were asked (and answered) are question an IT manager would really want to ask. Thanks and keep up with this alike. It is not always that one has time to go to conferences.

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