Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

IMG_2583 Hello Canadian IT Manager blog readers!

My name is Sasha Krsmanovic. I am the MVP Lead in Canada; you may recall my posts on the Canadian IT Pro blog about the MVP program (Part 1, Part 2). Since email is perhaps the one application that user can’t live without and IT is tasked with ensuring is always working properly, Damir has asked me to write a guest blog about a useful tool our team developed to help your IT Pros diagnose issues with connecting clients to Exchange – the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

The Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web site for IT Administrators to validate and diagnose end-to-end Exchange scenarios.  The site simulates multiple Exchange client access and inbound service related scenarios from outside your infrastructure and reports whether the test was successful.  If the test fails, the tools tells you where in the process it failed, as well and it provides troubleshooting tips on resolving the issue. Note that this tool is different from the existing tools included in Exchange 2007. These tests can only be run inside your network and effectively only test your internal network connectivity, and this tool tests it from outside your company.

You can see a very short video describing the tool on TechNet Edge, or see a more detailed description at Exchange Team’s Blog.

Let me know how do you like this tool and I will pass it to the folks who developed it. You can always email me, or connect with me via twitter.

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