Brian O’Higgins, Top International Security Executive and Expert, Board Member Sector Advisory Council, CTO Third Brigade

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with top-echelon and renowned professionals. In this blog, I interview Brian O'Higgins, Top International Security Executive and Expert, Board Member Sector Advisory Council, CTO Third Brigade.

Brian provided his insights for the April edition of YouShapeIT.

Stephen Ibaraki,
FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP/IFIP IP3, MVP , DFNPA, CNP, Advanced Technology,YouShapeIT

This week, Stephen Ibaraki has an exclusive interview with Brian O'Higgins.

Brian O'Higgins Chief Technology Officer, Third Brigade Inc. Mr. O'Higgins is a seasoned professional in the security industry, and is best known for his role in introducing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology and products to the security landscape. He is also a recognized speaker on IT and Internet security.

Prior to joining Third Brigade as a member of the founding executive team, Mr. O'Higgins was the co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Entrust, a leading Internet Security company. While at Entrust he had overall responsibility for the technology vision and direction for the company. He was previously with Nortel where he established the Secure Networks group in 1993, and was instrumental in spinning-out this group as an independent company, Entrust. Prior to this, Mr. O'Higgins was with Bell-Northern Research (BNR) where he was involved in a variety of technology development programs including public key security systems, technology for new telephone products, in-building wireless communications systems and high-performance computing architectures for digital telephone switches.

Mr. O'Higgins' current list of affiliations includes advisory board positions with Defence R&D Canada, Information Technology Association of Canada, Communications and Information Technology Ontario, Algonquin College, and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. In addition, he currently serves on the boards of Recognia and Fischer International.


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