Episode #27 – Security Coffee Talk

In this episode of the IT Manager Podcast - I pack up the portable recorder and take it with me to the local Coffee Shop. I indulge in some caffeine and meet up with Microsoft Canada's Chief Security Advisor (Bruce Cowper) and the Vice President of Identity Management Services at Avaleris (Hugh Lindley). I invited them to meet with me to discuss Security for IT Managers who may not have a dedicated security officer on staff and who more than likely wears multiple hats.

We have a frank conversation on the state of IT Security for the small to midsized business and how security has evolved to be part of everyone's role. We go through their top three things IT Managers should consider if they are looking to improve their security posture without breaking the bank. Bruce and Hugh share some great resources for getting connected to other likeminded security professionals to get your questions answered and stay abreast of what's up in the security front. Go grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this episode.

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  1. stephen ibaraki says:

    There’s 4 interviews with Bruce on security, an interview with Kai Axford, and 4 additional interviews with Canadian security experts at the URL:


    These security experts include:

    – David Woods, Microsoft Developer Security Most Valuable Professional

    – David Millier, Security Authority, Board Member Sector Advisory Council

    – Brian O’Higgins, Security Executive, Board Member Sector Advisory Council

    – Robert Beggs, Security Authority, Board Member Sector Advisory Council

    The whole site for April is dedicated to security.



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