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I hope you have been following the Ignite your Career series we've put on this year for IT Managers. We're wrapping up this edition on December the 9th with a special session called "Project Management for the IT Manager - when to bring in help". I had a great conversation with one of the panellists last week - Jessica Keyes, author of "Leading IT Projects, the IT Manager's Guide".  I'm in the process of contacting the other two panellists this week to ensure we have some great discussion around Project Management.

I've always been on the "consultant" side of the house - being brought in as part of large projects or leading teams that are part of multi-team projects. I was grateful to have worked with some fantastic Project Managers (Margie Daw - to single one out) who kept the teams on track and also acted as a liaison / translator amongst all the different levels of management involved with the project.

I'm very interested to hear YOUR comments and questions on this subject. PLEASE drop me an email (rick.claus@microsoft.com) with some questions or if you prefer voicemail - give a shout out to the IT Manager Podcast / Blog contact line @ tel:1-800-693-3827.

Here's the details for the episode. Be sure to REGISTER for this one - you don't want to miss it!

Project Management for the IT Manager – when to bring in help

Some individuals believe that project management knowledge is best kept in the realm of implementing projects with a fixed timeline and endpoint. Others believe that project management skills are invaluable in running day to day operations.

Here is a scenario: You are about to kick off a traditional project for implementing a new solution for your organization. You’ve brought in a partner to augment your internal staff – who is ensuring you have an achievable plan and will hold the team accountable for a smooth implementation. When should you decide to bring in a dedicated project manager with credentials or use some simple project management tips and techniques? Listen to what your peers have done to ensure a successful project implementation, ranging from a server upgrade to a global email migration and rollout, in this one hour webcast.  

REGISTRATION: URL: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/WebCastEventDetails.aspx?EventID=1032386569&EventCategory=4&culture=en-CA&CountryCode=CA


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