Episode #21: Enterprise Search unlocks data to help make smarter business decisions.

If you have not listened to The IT Manager Podcast recently – or if you have never listened in before, you should take a moment to have a listen to this show. It’s the first episode where we’ve refreshed the format and updated the production elements. It’s only 30 minutes long and this episodes topic is about Enterprise Search. 

Organizations of all sizes have been amassing data for years from growing numbers of sources, resulting in exponential data growth and information overload for their employees. Until recently, the ability for individuals to query the data was restricted to Database Administrators and their structured queries.  With the advent of Enterprise Search and collaborative tools like Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007, users now have the potential to make better informed business decisions from the tools they use every day using internet style common language queries.

In this episode, I talk with Jeff Kent (Chief Technology Officer, Cineplex Entertainment LP), Riyaz Lalani (Corporate Account Executive, Wolfbridge TSS), Alireza Aliabadi (SharePoint Lead, Wolfbridge TSS) and Wanda Yu (SharePoint Product Manager, Microsoft Canada) about how Cineplex Entertainment brought internet styled search to their users by implementing enterprise search technologies in Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007. You’ll find out how search has been integrated into Cineplex Entertainment’s environment, how the project was championed and expanded to other areas and what sorts of data has been included in delegated search queries.

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