Ignite Your Career – 2008/2009

Based on the success of the last years "Ignite Your Careet" webcast series focusing on helping IT Professionals and Developers manage their career, the Canadian TechNet & MSDN team decided to follow up this year for a combined audience view targeted at IT Managers.  We've got speakers lined up who are experts the Industry, other Peer managers from across Canada who are tacking the same challenges as yourself as well as our friends from the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). The initial 4 part webcast series will be expanded with additional sessions as topics are explored or requested from you. Based on the registration numbers and active participants - this is a popular series that will address issues that are in need of some attention. We've used the same brand "Ignite Your Career" and will make this part of an ongoing conversation for all professionals in the IT industry.

This was a team effort and it is not possible without YOU.  Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to attend these sessions. We hope you found them valuable and will continue to listen in on future Webcast series.

This resource page will be a one stop shop for the resources mentioned in each session as well as containing links to the previously recorded sessions. It will be updated after each of the sessions. If you listened in and heard a reference to a book, online resource or insightful tidbit - you will find it referenced here.

1. Attracting and retaining talent to your organization

September 23rd, 2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

How do you ensure you have the right mix of professionals in your organization today? What can you do to ensure the experts you have working on your team will continue to be interested in staying on with your organization? In this competitive workplace where IT skills are in demand and individuals are exploring their options, you need to be aware of how to develop a working environment where people want to come to work for you and will want to stay. Tune in to listen to the one-hour webcast on Attracting and retaining talent to your organization.


Carolyn Buccongello (Senior HR Manager - Microsoft)

Anita Marchildon (Partner - HROne Consulting)

Igor Abramovitch (Division Director - Robert Half Technology)


60 minutes show on Millennials

TRIEC Mentoring program

I love Rewards website and program

2. Adapting to the upcoming generation of digital native employees

October 14th, 2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST


Are you ready for the next generation of digital native employees who are coming to work for all areas of your company? What approaches are you taking to proactively prepare to meet the needs of these highly connected and tech savvy users who may be more likely to challenge the norm for IT policies? Although online social networking, video chat, instant communication, personal devices and public email accounts aren’t new to the IT department, their widespread use by everyday employees on a growing basis will require better management decisions then just blocking them outright. How can your company policies and procedures be adapted and updated to allow for technologies these employees use to be productive? Register now to tune in to this one-hour discussion on Adapting to the upcoming generation of digital native employees.


Mark Relph (VP – Developer & Platform Evangelism)

Eric Meerkamper (Partner – Decode)

3. Tips on selecting partners to ensure successful projects

November 11th, 2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm


Many of you may related to this: it’s time for a migration or upgrade to a new technology that will better link into your business processes and enable a faster, meaner and leaner organization. You are now faced with the decision to do it alone with your existing resources or bring in some additional help and expertise to get the job done. What is the best approach and correct mix to complete this task? What strategies can you use when selecting and engaging with a Professional Services company to ensure you have the right balance of "getting it done" and more beneficial "knowledge transfer"? Many managers ask these types of questions when selecting the right technology partner to work with. We invite you to tune in for one hour to hear our guests’ perspectives on this topic.


Greg Lane (Director Business Development Public Service for Canada – Avanade)

4. Project Management for the IT Manager – when to bring in help

December 9th, 2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST


Some individuals believe that project management knowledge is best kept in the realm of implementing projects with a fixed timeline and endpoint. Others believe that project management skills are invaluable in running day to day operations.

Here is a scenario: You are about to kick off a traditional project for implementing a new solution for your organization. You’ve brought in a partner to augment your internal staff – who is ensuring you have an achievable plan and will hold the team accountable for a smooth implementation. When should you decide to bring in a dedicated project manager with credentials or use some simple project management tips and techniques? Listen to what your peers have done to ensure a successful project implementation, ranging from a server upgrade to a global email migration and rollout, in this one hour webcast.


Jessica Keyes, President – new art technologies Inc.

Michael J. Frenette, I.S.P., CCP, PMP
Project Manager – Sierra Systems
http://www.cips.ca – CIPS


Project Management Templates  from Jessica Keyes and her book “Leading IT Projects: The IT Managers Guide”.

Canadian PMI Chapters web site

PMI Educational Foundation (Scholarships in project management, methodologies for emergencies, educating the workforce in PM)

http://www.camc.com – Canadian Association of Management Consultants.
http://www.iccp.org – Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals.
http://www.pmi.org – PMI’s Global site.

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