Adieu for Now

Sigh…I meant to get this blog post out earlier today, but as luck would have it, Murphy’s Law came into effect and I’ve spent the afternoon troubleshooting network issues on my home network. Even now, I’m connected directly into my Internet modem just so that I can finish up this and a few other things before the weekend…and before I officially start my maternity leave. Yup, that’s right, it’s time for me to start a whole new adventure! For those who haven’t heard, I’ve got twin boys on the way – double the trouble and double the fun, so I’m told. I can hardly wait!

Although I’ll be leaving you for a while, Stephen isn’t going anywhere and I know he’s got some excellent interviews lined up. And taking my place here on the IT Managers blog will be Rick Claus, whom you may already know from the Canadian IT Pro blog. I’m confident I’m leaving you in good hands!

When I think back to when I started writing for this blog, it seems a long time ago. I had never written a blog post before and it was quite intimidating to all of a sudden be writing on a Microsoft property that already had hundreds of readers. Over the past year and a half, I like to think I’ve gotten the hang of it. You’re not the intimidating bunch I imagined you to be after all, and in fact I’ve enjoyed the dialog we’ve shared through the comments and I’ve very much enjoyed meeting some of you face to face.

So don’t count me totally gone – I’m sure you’ll see me in the comments section now and again. And if the boys don’t show up for another couple of weeks, I may actually squeeze in another post or two as there are some interviews I’ve done which I want to share and some thoughts I’ve had I’d like to write about. We’ll see. But this is officially my last day and this is officially my last post as a Resident Blogger on the IT Managers Connection blog.

So good-bye…for now.

Comments (4)

  1. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    I really enjoyed working with you and will miss your insightful blogging plus so much more.

    Take care and enjoy the time with family!

    Also, please do take a moment, here and there, to drop-by and share your thoughts… 🙂

    With deep respect and appreciation for all that you do.



  2. Graham Jones says:

    I would just like to echo Stephen’s thoughts and hope that all goes well with the "deliveries" :).


    Graham J

  3. Don Spencer says:

    Ruth, we’ll keep in regular touch. I look forward to the baby pictures. Take good care of yourself, and remember one thing, "when you’re offered an iPhone as a baby shower gift…just say ‘no’!"

  4. Tim says:

    You have a universal following and we will miss you. Drop by and say hello! But also enjoy the time off to be with your growing family.

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