The IT Manager Podcast Series Goes on the Road


This episode, we tried something totally new, and as with all new things there are usually lessons learned along the way! The Heros Happen Here event, launching Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 happened last February but instead of bringing our guests into the studio to talk about it, we went on the road! I spent the day at the launch event talking to various people. And boy, did I talk to people! We video taped everything and ended up with so much footage, that it's taken a while to get through it all, organizing and splitting it up into consumable portions. But, finally, here it is and I really hope you enjoy it.

Below are audio highlights from several interviews as well as the morning panel discussion. This includes conversations with the following people:

  • Tina Romeo-Salem, Product Manager for Windows Server 2008 at Microsoft Canada

  • David McJannet, Product Manager for SQL Server 2008 at Microsoft Canada

  • Rini Gahir, Product Manager for Developer Tools at Microsoft Canada

  • Kevin Turner, COO of Microsoft Corp

  • Sorin Menta, Windows Server Infrastructure Manager of EI Trading Services at BMO

  • Etienne Tremblay, Senior Application Architect at EDS Canada

  • Barry Crume, Director of Microsoft Alliance at AMD

This podcast is available in both MP3 and WMA formats. Full video interviews as well as more information about the IT Manager Podcast series can be found on the IT Manager Podcast web page.

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