Microsoft System Management Goes Cross-Platform

Today at the Microsoft Management Summit, the beta release of the System Center Operations Manager cross-platform extensions was announced. These extensions allow the native management of both Windows and non-Windows environments from the same console. As well System Center Virtual Machine Manager will have the capability to manage both Hyper-V and other virtualization platforms, such as VMWare ESX.

For more information, view the short TechEdge video where Larry Orecklin, the GM of System Center at Microsoft details these and other announcements around the System Centre line of products.

For a demo of System Centre Operations Manager managing a cross-platform application, see this TechEdge video.

And last, but not least, to hear what Robert Reynolds, Director of Product Planning for System Center at Microsoft, has to say about the cross platform announcements and how he answers the question "Why do cross platform now?", check out this TechEdge video.


(P.S. if you're wondering why I don't have the videos embedded here for you...well, my Windows Live Writer embed video plugins don't like the TechEdge videos. However, I shot the plugin writer a quick email so I'm hoping he'll be able to add support for the site as TechEdge is coming out with a lot of really cool stuff which I'd love to highlight more of for you.

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