Animating with High Performance Computing


Last July, we talked on the IT Manager Podcast series about how high performance computing (HPC) is moving from the exclusive realm of academic and large company research and becoming accessible for mid-sized companies. We're seeing all sorts of commercial uses for this technology and its use is impacting many disciplines, including movie animation.

In this podcast, I have the opportunity to talk to Mark Lange, Director of Technology at Great Northern Way Campus, about how the school is using HPC to benefit the teachers and students of its Masters of Digital Media Program. We're joined by Anthony Brown, Managing Director at consulting company Seven Group, who implemented the HPC solution at Great Northern Way and Nik Garkusha the Platform Strategy Manager and HPC Lead at Microsoft Canada.

This podcast is available in both MP3 and WMA formats. For more information about this podcast series, please check out the IT Manager Podcast web page.

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