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There's an extraordinary event happening in a matter of a few weeks. It's the MVP Global Summit 2008 -- a celebration about contribution, and value involving communities worldwide.

The upcoming summit, April 14-17, will feature a keynote from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and closing by Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, in addition to hot-topic sessions, including topics ranging from social media for peer-to-peer support to new imagedevelopments such as Silverlight mobile to Skydrive. Nearly 1,800 MVPs are planning to attend.


In conjunction with the summit, the Code Trip (, which launched from MIX and has been traveling around the western U.S., is an RV housed with Microsoft developer evangelists spreading the word about new technologies and meeting MVPs at each stop. The final destination of the 21 city trip is the MVP summit.


To find out more, you can browse the MVP site at


Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

Comments (11)

  1. Tim says:

    I see MVPs at various events and they help a lot.

  2. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    Thank you for your comment Tim. Consider that there are more than 30 million IT workers (Culminis estimates are 200 million) and about 4000 are specially selected as independent experts serving communities worldwide. It’s quit amazing to see them come together for a week in Seattle. Bloggers such as Graham, who you see in this forum, are MVPs.



  3. TL says:

    How many are in Canada and how can you get one as a speaker?

  4. Sasha Krsmanovic (MVP Lead Canada) says:

    Hello Tim,

    There are approximately 180 MVPs in Canada. If you have any specific speaking opportunities, please pass them on to me ( and I will be more than happy to send them off on your behalf.



  5. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    Thank you Sasha. This is good information for making the connection to this community of global independent experts.  



  6. Web designer says:

    A pity they don’t provide this sort of thing in New Zealand, maybe something of the future. Does any one know of any other international operations?

  7. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    The MVP program is worldwide so it would be in NZ. Perhaps Sasha can comment here … thank you Web designer for your comment.



  8. Sasha Krsmanovic (MVP Lead - Canada) says:

    Hello ‘Web designer’. The MVP program is present in New Zealand as well. We have 28 MVPs in NZ. I invited 2 MVP leads we have in Australia & NZ to come to this blog to connect. They are both out-of-office as they are travelling back from the summit…so stay tuned please


  9. nick says:

    <@ Web Designer.>

    HI there WD, my name is Nick Ellery and I work on the Australia & NZ MVP program. Stephen is indeed correct that the MVP program does cover NZ…

    If you’d like more information about the program, how to nominate someone rom your community or more general info, you can reach me on email  (i-nicke AT microsoft DOT com) or read more at

    Hope this helps. All the best

  10. Stephen Ibaraki says:

    Thank you Sasha, Nick in providing next steps to WD from NZ.



  11. Anonymous says:

    Graham Jones (Surrey, BC – IT Professional and President of VANTUG ) The Opportunity to Spread the Word

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