A Small Business Rolls Out Vista and Office 2007






Alan is the top IT guy (as well as the only IT guy) for a small vibrant company call AGSI located in Hornby, Ontario, just west of Toronto. I visited him at their funky new office location earlier this week to talk about his Vista and Office 2007 deployment project. He's currently about 75% complete having rolled out 30 computers. Unlike larger organizations, a company like AGSI doesn't have a lot of automation in place and Alan has to be creative and well prepared in order to ensure the completion of the project ends up making IT functions more efficient rather than less and end users more productive rather than cranky and frustrated.

Listen to the interview using the Silverlight control below (click to install) or download it in MP3 or WMA formats.

Time Index (mm:ss) Topic
00:15 Description of AGSI's business and how they use technology
02:14 Background of their Vista rollout and how the project got started
03:28 Discussion of AGSI's plans to rollout SP1 for Vista
03:46 Number of desktops and notebooks that have been deployed to date
04:03 Challenges that Alan faced during the rollout
05:17 Solution that Alan put together to face that challenge
07:15 What the end user experience was like using Vista and Office 2007
08:51 Benefits of Vista from an IT perspective
10:43 Words of wisdom for anyone else contemplating rolling out Vista
11:59 Best practices that Alan used for a successful project

For more resources on Vista deployment, visit the Microsoft Springboard site.

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