Podcast Interview with Cathy Shaughnessy of ShaughnessyHowell, Inc.

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with top-echelon and renowned professionals. In this blog, I interview Internationally-Renowned Speaker, Corporate/Executive Coach, Best-selling Author--Cathy Shaughnessy, Partner ShaughnessyHowell Inc. I was fortunate to see Cathy lead two workshops where there was uniform appreciation for the value delivered. This is what prompted this interview. Cathy has great insights into effective communications, making presentations, encouraging initiative, managing change, and more. The lessons are valuable for any IT professional and especially managers.

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

About Cathy Shaughnessy

Cathy ShaughnessyCathy Shaughnessy has been inspiring people to be the best that they can be at work for over two decades. With irrepressible wit and hard earned know-how Cathy encourages her audiences to stretch their thinking, challenge their assumptions and perform better on the job.

  • Unprecedented Winner of Three Canadian Society for Training and Development Awards
  • Author of Cultivating Initiative in Your Staff
  • Partner in ShaughnessyHowell Inc. an award winning learning organization
  • Member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, International Coach Federation, National Speakers Association

"Our people just love attending workshops delivered by Cathy Shaughnessy. Her quick wit, fast pace and natural ability to provide tools that work in the real world are a huge drawing card for Microsoft audiences."
Paul Butler, Human Resources Manager, Microsoft Canada

"When I saw Cathy deliver a presentation at one of our corporate events, I knew she was exactly the right fit for our upcoming conference in Las Vegas. She was energetic, articulate, funny and had a fabulous message. It was just what our group needed. She delivered at our conference and I was right, she was great!"
Gary P. Lesyk CLU, Vice President National Distribution, Manulife Financial

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  1. Trina says:

    Useful, thank you!

  2. Stephen Ibaraki says:


    My sentiments as well Trina…thank you for your comments.

    Best regards,


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