Did You Miss It?

Earlier this week, on March 5, Mark Russinovich got together with a panel of experts to talk frankly about deploying Vista, answering questions live on-line from those watching the webcast. They discussed adoption experiences, the user access control (UAC) feature, application compatibility (including shims and the application compatibility toolkit (ACT)), hardware requirements, performance, drivers, image management, deployment methods and the benefits of Service Pack 1, among other things.

It was a lively and informative session; a well spent hour.

The good news is that if you missed the live webcast, you can view it on demand either on-line using Silverlight or by downloading and playing it locally on your computer. For more information about deploying Windows Vista, take a look at the Vista Springboard site.




Comments (2)

  1. Dave says:

    the download link on that page is broken. It downloads an xml file which only streams. It can’t be used for download and playing locally, which is what I need

  2. Ruth Morton says:

    Hi Dave,

    The xml file can be viewed if you have Silverlight, but there is also a link on the page to download the WMV file. Here’s the link in case you still can’t get it to work from the Springboard Live page:


    (click to play or right-click and use "Save Target As…" to download)



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