An Interview with Deputy Minister John Clarkson

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with top-echelon and renowned professionals. In this blog, I interview John Clarkson, Deputy Minister of the Department of Science, Technology, Energy and Mines in the Province of Manitoba. John has a long history as a leading executive and innovator. He shares considerable insights that are of high value to business and technology professionals. Do you enable John's five critical areas for organizational success and effectiveness?

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

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    About John Clarkson

    John ClarksonJohn is the Deputy Minister of the Department of Science, Technology, Energy and Mines in the Province of Manitoba. He has over 15 years of senior executive experience in the public and health care sectors. He leads the governments initiatives related to energy, mineral resources, petroleum, climate change, innovation, research, science and technology related business development, community connectivity, service transformation and information technology. Under his leadership, the government has been recognized as a leader in climate change initiatives, became one of the fastest growing biotechnology regions in the country, released an aggressive strategy that links together environmentally sustainable practices with economic growth, adopted an aggressive innovation framework, and is transforming the way government operates through the use of technology.

    John was born in Winnipeg and is married with one daughter. He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree.

  • Comments (2)

    1. Tracie says:

      I am impressed. It is great to see government working for innovation. Will we be seeing more interviews, like a series from John?

    2. Stephen Ibaraki says:

      Hi Tracie,

      We have discussed follow-up interviews so that’s a good sign. You will also note the interview with Ken Lamoureux who also is involved with the Manitoba government.


      Stephen Ibaraki

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