Taking the Complexity out of IT Security

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Once upon a time, securing your IT environment meant sticking a firewall between your network and the Internet. These days there's a lot more to it. IT security needs to be implemented on multiple levels and actively managed which makes things a tad more complex. This month's IT Manager Podcast focuses on that complexity - why IT security has become so convoluted and how best to simplify without sacrificing.

Join me as I talk with Rick Omar Kazi from Compugen and Bruce Cowper from Microsoft Canada and we discuss the importance of customer trust, how Canadians companies are stacking up and tips to adopting new technologies while simplifying your IT security.

This podcast is available in both MP3 and WMA formats. For more information about this podcast series, please check out the IT Manager Podcast web page.

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 Podcast Interview Time Index with Topics

Time (mm:ss) Topic
00:00 Introduction of the IT Manager Podcast series
00:29 Introduction to topic
01:16 Introduction of guests
01:54 The importance of consumer trust and how IT systems play a role in keeping that trust
03:54 How Canadians are doing in the area of IT security
04:56 Why IT security is becoming more complex
06:46 Description of the work done with the police force to combat online child pornography
07:44 More about why IT security is becoming more complex
08:13 Tips to help simplify IT security
09:46 How the next wave of Microsoft products can help simplify IT security
13:48 Advice for businesses looking to adopt these upcoming technologies
15:36 Discussion on how IT security is becoming more and more integrated with IT management
16:53 Key points that listeners should take away from this podcast
18:12 Resources for more information on IT security and simplifying security
18:47 Closing
Comments (2)

  1. George Bailey says:

    IT Security is essentially Information Security (everything else – physical security, network security, etc. are supportive of the overarching objective i.e. protection of the information) – and the very nature of information makes IT security inherently complex.

    The history of cryptography (one of the oldest information protection methods) is quite instructive.  The speed with which the complexity of an already complicated task increased as technology availability, transaction frequency and user numbers increased. Simon Singh’s “The Code Book” (ISBN-13: 978-1857028898) is a good non-geek source.

    The main reason why the complexity of IT Security will only increase is that we did not cater for the amazing rapidity with which modern IT has developed and been adopted, which has led to (you guessed it) “technology availability, transaction frequency and increase of user numbers” and the inescapable complexity of IT security.

  2. Rick Omar Kazi says:


    The last line in your comment hit the nail on the head.

    IT Security can be made less complex if we combine people (awareness), products (secure OS) and processes.

    Security is best deployed in 4 easy layers : Network, Endpoint, Server and Application.

    Windows 2008 actually provides enhancements that are built into the core product, so extra products are not needed, simplifying IT managers lives quite alot.

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