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Last year we launched Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007. Not to be outdone, this year the big launch is SQL 2008, Windows 2008 and Visual Studio 2008! And this time around, we're doing thing a little differently. Rick put up a great post this morning explaining the approach we're taking. Please read his post to get all the details. Here's my brief summary of the 4 types of events along with when and where they're happening:

1. Launch Events - happening in just Toronto and Vancouver, each event including a press conference, key note speakers, heavy duty demos and lots of buzz.

Toronto February 27th Register now
Vancouver March 4th Register now

2. Technical Readiness Events - happening in 8 cities across Canada with each event having 2 separate tracks (developer and IT pro) and 3 sessions each.

Toronto February 27th Register now
Vancouver March 4th Register now
Calgary March 11th Register now
Edmonton March 13th Register now
Winnipeg March 26th Register now
Montreal April 8th Register now
Ottawa April 10th Register now
Quebec City April 17th Register now

3. Community Connection Events - happening in 14 cities in partnership with CIPS and ICTC. These events are workshops focused on three areas : Technology, Community and Career.

Toronto February 26th Register now
Vancouver March 3rd Register now
Victoria March 5th Register now
Calgary March 10th Register now
Edmonton March 12th Register now
Regina March 18th Register now
Saskatoon March 19th Register now
Winnipeg March 25th Register now
Kitchener-Waterloo April 2nd Register now
London April 3rd Register now
Montreal April 7th Register now
Ottawa April 9th Register now
Halifax April 15th Register now
Quebec April 16th Register now

4. Community Launch Events - these are community led events, organized by local IT Pro and Developer user groups, Professional Associations, MVPs and well...anyone that wants to put on an event in the local area. You can find out more on the Community Launch web site. These events will be happening starting in the spring and a list of dates and locations will be posted once all the events have been registered.


One last thing, if you go to the main registration page (instead of using my handy-dandy registration links above) and are looking for a Community Connection Event in your area, you need to click on the Community Connection tab as in the picture on the right. I found it wasn't readily apparent, especially if you didn't know to look. So at first glance, it might look like we're only going to the eight cities listed for the Technical Readiness events. I just want to make sure that those of you out east know that we will be coming to Halifax, as well as Regina, Saskatoon and Kitchener-Waterloo, a few of the other places that people are always wanting us to come out to.

If you don't see a city near you on the list, remember that the sessions will be recorded and posted so keep watch on the Heros Happen Here website. As well, someone may be putting together a Community Launch Event in your area. Hey here's an idea - why don't you organize one? It's a great way to meet other IT professionals and developers in your area, get trained on the new technologies and become a known expert in your field. Just a thought.

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    As part of the Heros Happen Here Launch activities, Microsoft and Seagate are putting together a comic

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