IT Executive Roadmap Winter Tour

We're on the road again - it's time for the winter edition of the IT Executive Roadmap Tour. Last time we went out, we spoke about how to optimize your infrastructure and focused on virtualization, security and management. This time we'll be speaking about business intelligence, enterprise content management and unified communications and collaboration. It's a great way to connect with other IT executives and managers in your area as well as an opportunity for Damir, Rodney and myself to connect with you. If you're a regular reader of the blog, please be sure to say hello.

120x240The dates for the tour are as follows:

Date City
January 22 Winnipeg
January 22 Victoria
January 24 Ottawa
January 24 Vancouver
January 29 Calgary
January 29 Toronto
January 31 Edmonton
January 31 London
February 5 Montreal
February 5 Mississauga
February 6 Quebec City

Hope to see you there!

Comments (3)

  1. Larry Bell says:

    Why is it that M/S Canada’s Tech Tours so often end at the Quebec border? Does M/S Can not realize that there very large IT sectors in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick? NS is only 1 Mil population but has 12 universities and 13 community colleges, all of which teach some form of IT. This is because we have a huge commercial community involved in all aspects of IT. We have many international companies with operations based here, many new financial services companies with canadian beachead offices, major software development companies etc.,etc. Why did RIM decide to locate its new 1500 personnel research facility in Halifax. There is a market demand that is being overlooked.  Regards, Larry Bell, CEO, WATER Research Associates Inc.

  2. Ruth Morton says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thank you for your comment. We get questioned about this just about every time we go out on a tour. For the IT Manager tours like the one above, we usually can’t get the number of people we would need to justify the cost of going out. However, we do try to get out east at least once on our larger tours. Last year during the Vista/Office launch, we went out to Fredricton (and we may have been in Halifax too – I was just starting with Microsoft then and can’t remember). A couple of months later, we were in Halifax for the Unify Tour and then this past Fall we were in St. Johns, Newfoundland (and perhaps Halifax too – my memory is failing me) for the My Technet Tour. It may not seem like it, but we try to get out there as much as we can.

    There are many parts of this vast country of ours that we, unfortunately, don’t have the resources to make it out to. That’s why each of our tours is recorded and posted along with a whole bunch of resources. Granted, it may not be as good as being there in person, but it’s the next thing. The recordings for all of our events can be found at

    As well as the IT Manager tour, we also have another Launch Tour (SQL 2008, Windows 2008 and VS 2008) coming up at the end of February. The details on that tour can be found at and we’ll be doing a Community Connection event in Halifax on April 15 for that tour.

    I hope that helps a bit at least and rest assured that I will pass along your comments to the team.

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