It’s More Than Just a Phone

One of the neat things about my job is that I'm often given cool technology to play with and review. A couple of weeks ago, I got an HTC 6800 from Bell Mobility to play with and so did my fellow WWITPRO executive member and Canadian IT Manager guest blogger, Don Spencer. Well, we decided to get together and do a video review of the device. It's my first time doing something like this, and figuring out all the camera equipment was a job in itself, let me tell you. But the end product isn't all that bad - with much thanks going to the co-op student that's working in our department from Waterloo, Majid Mirza, who did the post production work using Windows Movie Maker.

For me the voice part of any mobile device is actually the least important. I mainly need to use it for email, text messages and note taking. The HTC 6800 does all those functions very well, as well as being a great phone. However, there are some things that I don't like, along with more that I did. For more information than that, you'll have to watch the video - it'll only take 4 minutes and 12 seconds of your day!

If you're currently evaluating phones, you may also want to check out the review on the HTC Touch which Damir recently posted on the Canadian IT Pro blog. He also made note of the new Windows Mobile web site.

[UPDATE] Due to your feedback, our most excellent intern Majiid revamped the video and turned down the volume on the soundtrack. However, there is still a lot of background noise, which is just due to my video-making inexperience. The next one will be better!

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  1. Don Spencer says:

    Ruth, I’ve added a few more comments on specific features about the HTC 6800 that I particularly like on my technical blog. You might want to add a link to your personal blog about the non-IT features too. The truth is that there is no fine dividing line between our professional and our personal lives these days, so why not talk about the latter occasionally?

    Don Spencer

  2. Graham Jones says:

    Lose the music or make it very low. Try and record in a smaller space so that there is less voice echo. I viewed the video and I maybe caught 50% of what was said.

  3. Ruth Morton says:

    Yeah, I tend not to publicize my personal blog a lot but if anyone is interested, you can find it at and I posted the HTC 6800 review video at!9D9694CA9DECB69!416.entry. Be forewarned – on my personal blog I write about anything I feel like writing about and most often it’s about things I find amusing or interesting, like the amount of metallic toxins in my makeup or baby birds hatching in a nest by my front door. Of course there is also tech talk…after all I do love my shiney toys and cool software!

  4. Ruth Morton says:

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the feedback! For a more detailed text review, you can go to Don’s blog posting at

    As this is the first time doing this, it’s a learning experience.

  5. ye110wbeard says:

    Sorry guys I have to agree with Graham.  Excellent video.  Music drowned out the vocals.   Is there any way to quickly re-edit it without the music about 50% lower?

    Music SOUNDED nice, just drowned out the interesting details…  Sorry.

  6. ye110wbeard says:

    And unless I’m very much mistaken (I probably am) that looks an AWFUL lot like a "Certain downtown Toronto Convention Center"… cough cough….

  7. Ruth Morton says:

    You found us out! Yes, we recorded the video at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre during a break in the SecTor conference.

    As for the music, I’ve asked Majid to see what he can do. If he’s able to fix it before he leaves us for his holidays before he goes back to school once again, I’ll repost.

  8. Ruth Morton says:

    Check it out now – I just replaced the video with another version with less soundtrack music.

  9. Graham Jones says:

    Much better. I can actually hear you guys now!

  10. ye110wbeard says:

    Ruth and Don

    That was WAY Better!  

    So is that the succesor to the old UT Starcom 6700?  I loved that phone (even though I never got a chance to use the phone part… long story).

    My boss hated it and looked at me with disdain when I pulled out "My Brick" as he called it.

    But I always thought "All this power sitting in my hand"

    Does the 6800 still have a Terminal Server client built in as well as wifi like the 6700 did?

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