Planning for Business: Essential for IT

This is probably old news to many, but you can’t make an IT purchase or investment these days without a good justification for it. Making purchases merely for the sake of possessing the latest computing innovation is a retired theme. Unfettered, unplanned technology was once considered the route to marketplace domination and growth. This concept ended with the dot-com implosion and resulted in the squeeze on IT. Today, there must be real value returned to the business from IT projects.

With tightening budgets, how can an IT investment be justified? The answer lies in making a business case incorporating a comprehensive, unified technology solution. What would this look like? What are the vital elements to making a business case? How do you employ a business plan model to justify an IT project? What should you look for when integrating the right technology solutions within the business case?

I give you some ideas to consider for making your case in this article I wrote that appeared in Technet Magazine (circulation is 250,000):

I also spoke across the country on "aligning IT with business" earlier this year and can send you the ppts if you send me a request at The tour is also noted in this MVP Global Summit link:

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Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

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