Interoperability and Virtualization

Well, we've all been doing a lot of talking about virtualization lately. It's a hot technology and more than half of people in the audiences I've presented to are using it in some shape or form. Those that aren't, are planning to. Virtualization technology really has the potential to change how we do IT. In watching what we're doing at Microsoft in this area, I'm quite excited about the support being built in for non-Windows platforms. Hurray! Finally.

If virtualization is of interest to you and you're in the Toronto area on December 12, you'll want to check out the half-day ComputerWorld Canada Technology Insights event taking place. Dan McLean from IT World Canada and John Humphreys from IDC will be speaking on Interoperability for Virtualization: Reducing the Complexity specifically focused on Windows and Linux. They'll be tackling questions such as:

  • How can virtualization reduce data centre complexity?
  • How does virtualization enable interoperability? What are the benefits of virtualization in a combined Windows-Linux environment?
  • What areas of the data centre can benefit most from virtualization?
  • How can you get started today in making your data centre more manageable?

    All very pertinent questions to anyone with a mixed environment or who needs the flexibility of using both Windows and Linux in their environment.

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