Week 3 of the Ignite Your Career Series

A little while ago, I posted about the Ignite Your Career webcast series that Rick is hosting, where we invite a panel of industry veterans to answer questions submitted by audience members. It all takes place online through Live Meeting. Although you won’t necessarily know that I’m there, I’m the one taking in the questions…


It’s More Than Just a Phone

One of the neat things about my job is that I’m often given cool technology to play with and review. A couple of weeks ago, I got an HTC 6800 from Bell Mobility to play with and so did my fellow WWITPRO executive member and Canadian IT Manager guest blogger, Don Spencer. Well, we decided…


IT’s Bad Reputation

A few weeks ago I received an email from one of our regular guest bloggers, Adam Cole. He came across a highly impassioned debate on IT’s bad reputation and how IT departments are often thought of as hindering business progress, rather than enabling it. Nicholas Spanos, a consultant with Computer Aid, thinks this bad rap…


Human Resources Planning and Allocation in a Project Environment (Part 3 of 3)

Graham Jones (Surrey, BC – IT Professional) Keeping Things Current As already stated in part 1 the quality of the data is paramount. Keeping the resource plan up to date requires organization and discipline. The frequency for doing this may vary by project timescales and organization but probably shouldn’t be less than once per month….


Exposing Vista Myths and Making Deployments Easy

Perhaps easy in the title should be replaced with easier. After all, deploying a new desktop operating system is still not as simple as a mere push of a button and it’s still not a job to give to your grade school nephew. Easy is a relative term. However, with each new desktop operating system,…


Planning for Business: Essential for IT

This is probably old news to many, but you can’t make an IT purchase or investment these days without a good justification for it. Making purchases merely for the sake of possessing the latest computing innovation is a retired theme. Unfettered, unplanned technology was once considered the route to marketplace domination and growth. This concept…


IT Industry Resources

I was on the panel for the November 15th webcast, “Ignite Your Career, Industry Insights for the IT Pro.” I gave out a large number of references so I compiled the career references, URLs, and tips here: Ignite Your Career References and URLs I really enjoyed doing the session since it’s about sharing, collaboration, and…


Human Resources Planning and Allocation in a Project Environment (Part 2 of 3)

Graham Jones (Surrey, BC – IT Professional) Putting It All Together From a resource planning standpoint we need to see the total demand picture into the future by discipline. The components that make up that picture are: Project backlog, ie. currently active projects Prospects, ie. work that you are currently bidding or anticipate into the…


Showcasing System Center

Just when you thought you’d gotten familiar enough with the names of our Operations Management (MOM) and Systems Management (SMS) products, the marketing minds at Microsoft decided to change it all up again. These two products have been renamed under the umbrella of the System Center line of products along with a slew of other…


Live from SecTor

Having worked in IT for many years and having had to clean up mail servers at organizations that had been used to relay spam and file servers that had been conscripted to be used as repositories for contraband movie files, I know what can happen when you leave your systems vulnerable. So when we added…