Microsoft Supports Plan for International Standard for IT Professionals

This news release went worldwide through the UNESCO Consultative body, the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). IFIP through all it's affiliations represents some 93 countries and nearly 1 million IT leaders and influencers. CIPS is the official representative in Canada. This represents a historical inflection point in that for the first time in history there is both global and industry support for Professional Practice and professional certification that we take for granted for other professions. Canada through CIPS was able to take a leadership role in this program including invitation to the IFIP Task Force in November 2006 to take Professional Practice worldwide and receiving the positions of Vice-Chair and CFO. The task force is kept agile and focused leveraging the experienced professionalism (certification, body of knowledge, code of ethics, accreditation) long-standing models in Canada through CIPS, and in the UK, and Australia. There was a hint given at the national EnergizeIT Conference in June about professionalism. Final ratification for the worldwide IT certification program took place at the IFIP World General Assembly in August with global announcement of Microsoft's support in September.

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

The key messages  ...

The overall goals of IFIP and the International Professional Practice Program or I3P:

  • Improve the ability of business to exploit IT effectively and consistently.
  • Develop a global IT profession which is respected and valued.
  • Ensure the voice of the IT practitioner is clearly and powerfully expressed on the international stage.
  • To enable internationally recognized professional qualifications based on a common body of knowledge.
  • To Power a standard means of measurement for professional skills and competencies.
  • And to ensuring a defined process for the independent assurance of quality of those professional skills and competencies.

International Federation Professional Practice Program (IFIP I3P) Key Takeaways:

Canada is clearly a world leader and this is now acknowledged by the leadership and contributions of Canada to the IFIP Task Force.

I3P is the International IT Professional Practice Program, which is run by IFIP, a UNESCO organization.

I3P is intended to bring the same level of professionalism to IT as we take for granted with doctors, accountants, engineers etc.

Since IT is now ubiquitous, it's important to ensure a consistently high quality of work and to improve the recognition, rewards and career progression of those professionals, including architects, developers, support staff and many more involved in it.

Read the full news release.

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  1. KI says:

    I can see the benefits for everyone … I’m writing via the US. This will be plus for business.

  2. Sasha says:

    This is huge – congrats Stephen & all involved.

  3. Graham Jones says:

    Stephen, I want to congratulate you on this utterly fantastic achievment. I fully realize that this is the culmination of the efforts of many dedicated individuals but I know how tirelessly that you have worked on raising the status of the IT Profession. Certainly as far as Canada is concerned, and for me personally, you have now truly left your mark for all time. Having spent most of my career as a Professional Engineer I fully understand the importance and significance of these events. I have long said that this had to happen for the IT profession to advance and be appropriately recognized by society at large.

  4. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, ISP, says:

    In making this possible, I wish to congratulate all the members of the International Task Force led by Charles Hughes (from BCS) as Chair, and Roger Hart I.S.P. (from CIPS) as Vice-Chair and CFO. Moreover, here in Canada, past CIPS President John Boufford I.S.P., prior Presidents, the entire team on the CIPS national board and executive, the councils, and the national staff in the respective societies for their hard work on Professionalism. Plus the tremendous work of dedicated members at the section, provincial, and national level supporting Professionalism and Professional Practice. This team-work enabled these 2 major milestones in the profession. I should also mention that John Oxley played an important role in making this happen at many levels and continues to provide key support.

    The support from diverse stakeholders in business, industry, government, academia, and more is overwhelmingly positive in this next step in the evolution of the profession.

    This kind of support and endorsement occurs since the International Professional Practice Program or I3P works to address issues such as worker mobility, immigration, skills shortage and gap, aligning IT with business, ensuring collaboration and innovation, building Pride in IT, turning around falling enrolments in technology, enabling productivity improvements nationally and regionally, and supporting business, education,  …

    Best regards,


  5. Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, ISP, says:

    This will support business as noted and so much more.

    Thank you,


  6. Mica says:

    It’s the right moment for sure and I’m excited about the future.

  7. says:

    CIPS Holds 6th Annual I.S.P. Week to Promote Professionalism –I.S.P. Week initiatives taking place across the country from October 15 to 22, 2007

    Toronto, Ont. (October 15, 2007)–CIPS, Canada’s association of Information Technology (IT) professionals, announced today the official start of Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) Week (October 15 to 22). The week aims to increase awareness about the importance of IT professionalism. CIPS is also using the week as an opportunity to celebrate CIPS and the I.S.P. designation. Special CIPS activities are taking place across the country such as presentations on professionalism and articles about the I.S.P. designation. CIPS is also offering for the first time customized rings and lapel pins for I.S.P. designation holders.

    The following are highlights of I.S.P. Week activities taking place at CIPS cities across the country:

    CIPS Explains its Global Approach to IT Professionalism: CIPS Nova Scotia and CIPS Bluenose are holding a special breakfast on October 17 to talk about the launch of a new global, professional IT designation (IITP) and its impact to IT professionals. In addition, read about CIPS and the I.S.P. designation in an article that will be published in the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper on October 14, 2007.

    Newfoundland CIO Talks about Professionalism: CIPS Viking (St. John’s) is holding its first professional development event of the year on October 18 featuring Pete Shea, CIO for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

    CIPS Educates Students on Professionalism: CIPS Loyalist (Saint John, New Brunswick) is conducting student presentations on professionalism. Computer Programming Technology (CPT) students at New Brunswick Community College will learn about CIPS and the I.S.P. designation.

    Saskatchewan I.S.P. Holders Recognized: CIPS Saskatchewan and Regina are conducting presentations and events to highlight CIPS, I.S.P. holders and the I.S.P. of the Year in Saskatchewan. Articles and photos are being published in the local newspapers.

    I.S.P. Holders Gain Advantage in Ottawa: CIPS Ottawa is making 50 passes available (using a special CIPS registration code) for I.S.P. designation holders to attend three sessions during GTEC, giving them the opportunity to earn three credits toward their annual I.S.P. professional development requirements.

    The I.S.P. Challenge: During I.S.P. Week, CIPS Toronto will be placing volunteer I.S.P. designation holders in speaking roles throughout the city. The objective of the :I.S.P. Challenge" is to encourage dialogue about the importance of the I.S.P. designation today.

    Going Green in ICT: As part of I.S.P. Week celebrations, CIPS London is hosting a special presentation on October 16, :How Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Vendors are Keen to Help Enterprises Go Green."

    Introduced in 1989 by CIPS, the I.S.P. is the only designation for IT professionals recognized by law* in Canada. Holders of the I.S.P. designation possess the education and experience to practice in the IT field. Holders also abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and are required to keep their professional knowledge current.

    For more information about the I.S.P. designation or a detailed list of I.S.P. Week activities across the country, visit the CIPS National Web site:

    About CIPS

    CIPS, with its head office in Mississauga, Ontario, is the professional association for IT practitioners in Canada. Founded in 1958, CIPS is a non-profit organization, and a co-founder of the United Nations-sanctioned IFIP that represents IT professionals on issues affecting the IT industry and profession. CIPS is a dynamic organization focused on IT excellence through its work on public policy, setting standards within the profession and providing IT support to its community. CIPS offers the only professional IT designation, I.S.P., that is recognized by law* in Canada. For more information, visit:

  8. Anonymous says:

    Based on the success of the recent MSDN series focusing on helping developers manage their career, the

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