Virtualization: Rationale for IT Managers

Don Spencer (Waterloo, ON, IT Professional) You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen a keynote address at EnergizeIT. Your colleagues and staff- and perhaps even your tech-savvy CEO – are talking about it. And they’re turning to you for leadership and direction. What now? Your job is “to ensure the streamlined operation of the IT Department…


Speaking and Thinking in Business Terms: Essential for IT

I just finished a podcast with Jeff Kempiners, the CTO of Avanade, one of the largest Solution Providers. One thing that came clear is the need for IT Managers to think and breathe business. You need to talk in business terms. Watch for the interview next week since Jeff provides some very practical advice for…


Making Messy Deployment Projects Simpler

Desktop deployment is often thought of as the ugly step child of IT projects. It’s much messier than server deployment. There’s less control over what’s really out there, more unknowns. Before coming to Microsoft, I made good use of all the free deployment tools that Microsoft made available to help make things a little less…


Effective Communication

Graham Jones (Surrey, BC, IT Professional) Recently I was having a “serious” conversation with my son and it was progressing as usual, ie. not going much of anywhere. As the frustration level was rising I said to him, “you need to work on your Active Listening skills”. This was met with the familiar and “helpful”…


Upcoming November IT Manager Webcasts

One of the best ways to hear the thoughts of some of the top technology people in Microsoft without having to travel to Redmond, is to register for one of the many scheduled webcasts. I’ve listed the IT Manager focused ones coming up in November below but there are a host of others as well….


Wanted: IT Innovators

It’s that time of year again! With the advent of cooler weather comes the search for Canadian IT professionals who are having an impact on their workplace and communities through innovative uses of technology. This year we’ve added an additional category for teams, so there are more opportunities for you to make your nominations and…


Microsoft Supports Plan for International Standard for IT Professionals

This news release went worldwide through the UNESCO Consultative body, the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). IFIP through all it’s affiliations represents some 93 countries and nearly 1 million IT leaders and influencers. CIPS is the official representative in Canada. This represents a historical inflection point in that for the first time in history…


Virtualization as a Disaster Recovery and Remote Office Management Solution

We’re just in the final days of the IT Executive Roadmap Tour, with Rick touring Halifax, myself visiting Quebec City and Damir finishing up in Calgary and then Edmonton this coming Wednesday. We’ve had fun presenting with Rob Davidson and Ian Watson, a couple of our technical sales guys and it’s been fantastic meeting IT…


Changing the World with IT – A Podcast Interview with Michael Furdyk

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with leading professionals. In this blog, I interview Michael Furdyk. I was asked for a panel/speaker recommendation for the fall OECD conference which Canada is hosting and Michael’s name came to mind. He brings an amazing level of energy and insight which is rare today. I first caught Michael…


Michael Furdyk Interview Time Index (MM:SS) and Topics

00:34:Can you share with us your prior successes and the key lessons learned from each?”….I’ve learned a lot from prior experiences and I am now applying all that knowledge and experience to the non-profit sector and creating a really innovative charity that takes advantage of technology and this interactive world we live in….” 02:37:That’s one…