PowerShell and What You Need to Know

It's funny isn't it...you can say the same words to different people and they mean different things. Take "IT Manager" for example. Some IT Managers manage IT projects, others manage IT staff. Some work in large corporations, some in small organizations. So when it comes to something like PowerShell, what you need to know will depend on what kind of IT manager you are.

I just posted an entry from Don Spencer, who you will know as a regular guest blogger here on the Canadian IT Managers blog, to the Canadian IT Pro blog. If you're a hands-on IT manager who often needs to roll up your sleeves and work on the technology, then the post will be of particular interest to you. Even if you're a bit removed from the technology, it's often useful to know what new tools there are, to make sure your team is making use of them and gets training on the things that make them more effective in their jobs.

Also, if you're in the Cambridge area (about an hour west of Toronto), the Waterloo Wellington IT Pro user group (WWITPRO) is putting together an evening event called WWITPRO in the KNOW on October 17th, with presentations and demonstrations of PowerShell, Windows Server 2008 and HomeServer. Both Don and myself will be presenting along with Peter Piluk  and Jacqueline Hutchinson, and we'd love to see you there.

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