[Interview] Part 5: Hari Panday – Future IT Trends and Career Tips

This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with leading professionals. In this series of blogs, I have an exclusive interview with Hari Panday: President and CEO, ICICI Bank Canada, International Executive, Business and Technology Thought Leader.

Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP 

Hari Panday

Q8: What should businesses know about future trends in the Internet environment and in IT? What are the implications and business opportunities? Why should businesses care?

A: Internet Security remains a major concern. In addition, integration of data intelligence largely in public domain (credit bureaus, house valuation, municipal data, land titles and PPSA, etc.) and the customer's ability to structure the desired products, without bank interface are some of the emerging trends.

The opportunity lies in building a customer base from coast to coast without physical presence.

Q9: I have a unique opportunity to drill into the accumulated wisdom from an accomplished executive. If you could sum up your life experiences with some career tips for the ICT professional, what would be your tips and the reasons behind them?

A: I would be pleased to provide a few insights:

It begins with one's internal desire to succeed. It is that desire that provokes your thought process and opens up the mind to explore alternatives. Then the call has to be made to execute the action items that lead you to achieving your goals. A very high level of bias towards execution is essential no matter what you do.

Building relationships is another very important aspect - in forming ICICI Bank Canada we experienced firsthand the power of relationships and networking - it helped us in building our brand faster than we thought we ever would, our relationships in each and every sphere helped us and supported in building a success story. Our alliances with the smallest to the biggest of the competitors continue to flourish.

Concurrently, you have to balance business with a bit of social responsibility. As a start-up we made social commitments ahead of our business turning profitable, by extending our support for the Helen Keller Centre, the Roy Thompson Hall and the Royal Ontario Museum, to name a few. Our employees, customers and all the stakeholders have rewarded us tangibly and in goodwill for taking such an approach.

Q10: Which three experiences most shaped your life and work?

A: I think my early years were definitely shaped by my family, with my parents as the first influencers. Then, moving to Canada and experiencing the Canadian values was another one - throughout my career. As I progressed through my professional life, working with a variety of executives, diplomats, business people, clients, political leaders, all in some way have helped shape my life - and certainly I include my family that has taught me to be patient and keep it all relevant.

Closing Comment: Hari, you provided an in-depth and thought provoking perspective on business, technology, and leadership. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and deep insights with our readers.

A: It's been my pleasure and I thank you for sharing our experiences for the benefit of your readers.

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