[Interview] Part 5: Allen Atwell – Roadblocks in Business, Top Technology Issues, Trends

In this blog series, I have an exclusive interview with Allen Atwell, a top international IT expert and authority, a leading senior executive and the Chief Technology Officer at MessageLabs.


Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

Allen Atwell

Q6: In your view, what are the most serious roadblocks for businesses and what are their solutions?


  • Roadblock 1: People who are afraid to ask questions
    Solution: Such people need to be constantly stimulated and challenged with new projects
  • Roadblock 2: Management losing contact with employees
    Solution: An office culture that encourages management of employee interaction through structure and strategy
  • Roadblock 3: Failure to localize business
    Solution: Learn the regional customs, language, laws and industry standards and adapt the business accordingly
  • Roadblock 4: Assuming competition exists internally
    Solution: Look outside the four walls of the business and study the industry. Become familiar with all industry players and learn how to identify potential competition.

Q7: What are some of the top technology issues presently facing business and how do you propose they can be solved?


  • Issue 1: Network latency in geographically remote locations
    Solution: Correct positioning of infrastructure in the field for optimal performance
  • Issue 2: Heat required in data centers
    Solution: Reduce the footprint and number of machines in use with new technology

Q8: Provide your predictions of future IT/Business trends and their implications/opportunities?


  • Trend 1: Managed services will become standard
    Implication/opportunities: This will allow all businesses to focus on their core competencies to become more profitable
  • Trend 2: Cost of Ownership will become a priority
    Implication/opportunities: CFOs will become more involved in making investments in tandem with the CIO
  • Trend 3: Management by SLAs will increase in popularity
    Implication/opportunities: Decisions will no longer be made on price alone. Customers will be prepared to pay more if the service provider exceeds expectations
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