[IT Manager Podcast Series] Defense in Depth

IGLO7010_ep6_120x240_ENThere seems to be a story in the news every day about a company whose computer systems have been breached and client information has been leaked. It's every IT manager's worst fear. This month's podcast from the IT Manager Podcast Series has industry experts discussing the reasons security policies can fail, how to protect the application layer and what "defense in depth" really means. Bruce, Rob and Brian have lots of interesting insights to share.

I'll be taking over as the host of this series and so Barnaby and I co-host this particular episode. This was my first time in the recording studio and it was quite fun, although hearing my own voice is a little disconcerting. Is there anyone that actually likes listening to the sound of their own voice?

This interview is available in both mp3 and wma formats. For more information on the series, check out the IT Manager Podcast web page.

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