EnergizeIT: Sparking a Passion for Career and IT

I'm quite excited about EnergizeIT 2007 since CIPS, Canada's Association of IT Professionals, was there in force. A multitude came by our booth to talk about connecting with a trusted community, being supported, and enhancing their careers through the Industry-Canada chartered, CIPS. As CIPS, we represent the 4C's:

  • Canadian and internationally recognized and respected (a beacon for the IT community)
  • Champion (voice, and advocate for the profession and professional)
  • Causes (social contribution, encouraging youth in IT, scholarships, women in IT, supporting professional practice and IT as a profession, accrediting colleges/universities)
  • Career (education, events, conferences, networking, mentoring, legislated professional certification, career development)

Moreover, we hosted four of the EnergizeIT security sessions with a great turnout! There's a new edition of the MS Security Assessment Tool (MSAT) which CIPS will be providing through a special link where we are looking for participants to download, try it out, then provide feedback. You will hear more about this program in the coming weeks. MSAT makes a great way to follow-up on the security tracks we ran at EnergizeIT.

The day started with a special breakfast with Microsoft President, Phil Sorgen, followed by the event itself. I found the MSDN Code Awards ceremony of particular interest since I was part of the judging team and it was great to see the fine developers get the recognition they deserve. I want to congratulate Michael Amanfi, the individual developer award winner; and Phil Bolduc plus team members, Geoff Goodwin, Peter Lee, Rick Schneider, Shelley He - the team developer award winners. When you are at the start of the awards program as a judge, it's a great feeling to see it come full circle when the awardees are announced and they get their spotlight. This is what EnergizeIT is about. I also started out as a developer more than 30 years ago and taught it for many years. Here's more about the Code Awards at this link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/canada/codeawards5/winners.aspx

John Boufford I.S.P., CIPS President 2006/7, took the stage at one point to engage with the huge audience answering a call from John Oxley who initially led the morning session. Barnaby Jeans was the CEO or producer and the whole community team was there too. As I indicated CIPS was there in force since John Oxley is the new CIPS National Vice-President and Barnaby Jeans is on the National Board. I'm the new National President 🙂

The event was a great success and a perfect opportunity to get a tech fix plus collaborate, network, and share with IT professionals from across the country. I'm already looking forward to next year for another action packed day of innovation, technology, community, and learning.

Thank you to all,
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

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