I’m Energized, How ‘Bout You?

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Keynote SessionAsking and answering questions at the Experts Zone

Whew - what a weekend! EnergizeIT was a smashing success. It's definitely a different event than our usual TechNet tours. There were a wide variety of speakers and several different tracks. For those that wanted to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, there were hands on labs, where attendees could try our Forefront and Systems Centre Operations Manager as well as the gadget track, where attendees brought laptops and programmed Vista gadgets. There was also the less traditional, more participatory gamecamp session and there was a Speaker's Corner camera set up for recording thoughts and comments on the passion of attendees on being in IT.

The best part for me was seeing all the small groups of people discussing issues, questions, ideas, etc. about technology. It was great - I got to go around with my camera, taking pictures and just talking to people.

One of the best stories that I heard was a group of IT professionals that decided to check out the gadget track and try their hand at some development work. They loved it and put together a Vista gadget that showed the picture from whatever traffic camera was clicked on. Awesome!

Another really neat "happening" was the team of IT guys from the Toronto SharePoint group who volunteered to build the SharePoint site for the EnergizeIT presentations and recordings. Why did they do it? Partly to gain experience in working with the latest version of SharePoint, partly for the opportunity of working with each other and with Microsoft, partly build something cool and solve a problem.

IT Pros from London OntarioThe SharePoint guys!

If you weren't able to make it, check out the resources below for slide decks, photos and blog postings:

EnergizeIT SharePoint site - contains all the slide decks and recordings from the sessions.

Photos from EnergizeIT - all photos uploaded to Flickr with the tag "energizeit"

Post event blog postings:

Carl Franklin's written thoughts and recorded podcasts direct from EnergizeIT

Don Spencer's blog

Will Craddock's blog

(let me know if there are any that I missed)

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