INFORMATICS 2007 – Catch Microsoft’s Hot Presentations!

I wanted to bring direct your attention to INFORMATICS Halifax.
Microsoft’s John Oxley, who many of you know, will be providing the Keynote on May 27th, “Finding Your Way: Community as a Platform for Career Success”.

In addition there will be other valuable sessions by Microsoft on “Making Identity and Access Management Real”; “Managing the Environment from One Console”; “Taking control of your environment: What can software asset management do for me?”; …

You will get answers to: What are the top IT issues and how can you use technology solutions to make your job easier? What are the best practices that you must know? What business and technology roadmaps and key tips can you learn? How can you bootstrap your career?
The quickest way to obtain this essential value to sustain and rapidly grow your career is to attend at least one key conference per year. INFORMATICS is the conference that I’m recommending.

You will also find guest bloggers at INFORMATICS! Why not enter into a dialogue with them? I would like to see you there! Share your story, and let’s do an interview. Tell me your challenges and we can blog a solution. So, I’ll be blogging about INFORMATICS at INFORMATICS. I would like to hear from you. Catch me and the other guest bloggers there!
Here are the details about INFORMATICS:

YOU should be there!
The 49th annual INFORMATICS IT Symposium
Why: Meet colleagues and industry experts. Share challenges and solutions. Learn from seven keynotes and 21 workshops.
Where: World Trade and Convention Centre (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
When: May 27 to 30, 2007
How: Visit -
Call - 1-877-ASK-CIPS (275-2477)
E-mail -
Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP

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    Just yesterday, I was speaking to some fellow IT professionals at a Communitech function on the value

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